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Davis Keyseater Accessories

The accessories shown will allow you to arrange your DAVIS KEYSEATER to suit your internal keywaying and/or external slotting requirements. For more information, email us or call 315-986-1000.


A. Source of illumination directly at the work. Accessory No. DA-62 for all models.


Where the O.D. of the work-piece is greater than can be accommodated by the standard throat depth of 19″ on the Model 15, a 3″ Extra Throat Depth Assembly is available as an option, and the increased diameter that can be accommodated is consequently 6″. Accessory No. DA-60 for Model 15.


Where the workpiece is higher than can be accommodated by the standard vertical capacity of 12″ on the Model 15, an additional 6″ can be accommodated by this longer arm-post, Accessory No. D-1701 for Model 15.

Tilting Table Attachment

For use on Model 15 machine only, Accessory No. DA-58. This accessory is necessary to enable the Model 15 to cut a keyway that must be parallel to a tapered bore or to cut a tapered keyway in a straight bore. Tapers up to 4″ per foot (included) may be accommodated. Due to the height of the tilting table, the length of cut capacity of a cutter is reduced by 2 1/2″.

Swinging Clamp Bar Assembly

This accessory allows clamping of a large work-piece when the T slots are not accessible for conventional Clamping. It will accommodate work-pieces to 32″ diameter. (Accessory No. DA-59)

Indexable Cutter Guide

Available for the Model 15 only as Accessory No. DA-86. It mounts to the resistance arm and is used to guide a cutter for external slotting of parts.

Micrometer Depth Stop

A micrometer depth stop is standard equipment on Model 15 machines. The micrometer has a floating zero which is set at the point of contact between the cutter and the work-piece, and then turned counterclockwise for the desired depth of cut. A micrometer depth stop calibrated in metrics is also available for all models of the DAVIS KEYSEATER.

Index Table

The DAVIS Index Table (Accessory No. DA-22) can be used on all models of Davis Keyseaters and provides an accurate means of indexing work-pieces for cutting internal multiple keyways, standard splines, or multiple grooves. It uses special centering bushings and centering rings and they must be ordered separately to suit individual requirements. Due to the height of the Index Table, the length of cut capacity of a cutter is reduced by 2-1/2″.

Angle Block

This accessory is used to provide back. up support of tall work-pieces and can be used on all models of the Davis Keyseater; Accessory No. DA-9.

Variable Speed Drive

Available on the Model 15 only as Accessory No. DA-27. It is standard on the DA-15B; optional on the DA-15A. Provides an infinitely variable speed range of 11 to 56 strokes per minute to achieve the proper surface speed and cutting efficiency for a variety of materials. It allows the operator to slow down the machine speed when cutting hard materials such as stainless, and to speed up the machine speed when cutting soft materials such as aluminum and cast iron. The result in all materials is a reduction of the cutting time, and an increase in cutter life between sharpenings. Constant power is developed throughout the speed range and speed can be changed under full load.

Work Centering Vee Blocks, Kwik Klamps

This photo illustrates a Model 15 set up with a DA-7 Work Centering Vee Block and two DA-23 Kwik Klamps. The slot size in the bushing must correspond to the size of a cutter however, the diameter of a bushing does not have to be the same as the bore of a work-piece. The DA-6 or DA-7 Work Centering Vee Block may be used to center the work-piece with respect to the slot in the bushing by means of three-point contact. This eliminates multiple set-ups for small quantities of work-pieces that have different bore sizes yet require the same size keyway; it also allows you to keyway parts when you do not have the proper diameter bushing on hand. The DA-23 Kwik Klamps shown are made of forged steel and because of their cam-action design, are faster than conventional, slow methods of clamping parts on Davis Keyseaters, as well as for other machine tools with T-slots.