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Davis Keyseater Tooling

Using the multiple tooth cutter principle, the Davis Keyseater is the fastest cutting, most precise, and easiest to operate keyseater on the market.

Hansford Parts And Products manufactures and stocks standard English and Metric sizes of cutters and bushings for use on all Davis Keyseaters. They are designed and manufactured to exacting specifications to obtain the highest efficiency from Davis Keyseater Machines. Radius cutters, angle cutters and cutters made to sizes and/or lengths other than standard, as well as special size bushings are available upon request. Hansford Parts And Products also provides a cutter re-sharpening service. Standard sizes available from our stock are listed on following pages.

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AF Cutters

Series AF Cutters are designed with side clearance, a 10° rake angle, and a relief angle for the higher speeds and feeds demanded by automatic cutting. They are accurately hardened and ground to provide optimum cutting efficiency and better finishes.

Available AF Cutters (printable PDF)

AFS Cutters

Series AFS Cutters are AF type cutters with a staggered tooth configuration. They cut more efficiently and do not load with chips when cutting keyways over 5″ long which are 1/2″ in size or larger. In many cases, they eliminate the need to take a pilot cut.

Available AFS Cutters (Printable PDF)

Special Cutters

Series AF and AFS Cutters are available to meet your needs for keyways that are not standard, such as radius cutters, angle cutters, as well as cutters made to your size and/or length requirements. Special bushings are also available to meet your needs of bore/keyway combination. Send us your part drawing or specifications for a quote and prompt delivery.

Cutter Sets

In addition to individual cutter sizes from 1/16″ to 1-1/2″, we offer cutter sets in the AF and AFS series. The DA17 sets cover the keyway size range from 1/16″ to 3/4″, and the DA-18 sets cover the range from 7/8″to 1-1/2″. Cutter sets are recommended for applications where the size of keyways to be cut cannot be predetermined upon purchase of a DAVIS KEYSEATER machine. Metric size cutters are also offered in sets.

Available Cutter Sets (printable PDF)

Bushing Sets

In addition to individual bushings and bushing holders, Bushing Sets are available to complement the cutter sets offered. Bushing Set DA-82 is illustrated in the photo, and it is intended for use with a DA-17 cutter set. Bushing sets include work locating bushings that match each cutter in a cutter set, the necessary bushing holders for clamping the bushings included in the set to the keyseater table, and work centering vee blocks to accommodate more than one bore size with the same diameter bushing. Bushing Sets are available
in both English and Metric sizes.

Available Bushing Sets (printable PDF)

Bushings also come individually