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Metal Slotting

Using the multiple tooth cutter principle, the DAVIS KEYSEATER machine is the fastest cutting, most precise, and easiest to operate keyseater on the market.

The design of Davis Keyseater machines. accessories, and tooling is unique and enables you to make simple fixtures for the external slotting of parts that are conventionally milled. The same multiple tooth cutters used for internal keywaying can be used to cut external slots and also finish size rough slots in parts as illustrated by the photographs on this page. All of the parts shown have been slotted on a Model 15 Davis Keyseater (Automatic) and the times listed are superior to milling. The ability to cut external slots as well as internal keyways, will make the Davis Keyseater one of the most versatile machines in your shop.

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slot size: 3/1 6″ wide x 1-1/4″ deep
slot height: 1″
material: mild steel
cutting time: 2 minutes total (2 slots)

slot size: 3/1 6″ wide x .680″ deep
slot height: 2-3/4″
material: cast iron
cutting time: 30 seconds

rough slot size:
5-8″ wide x 1-1/4″ deep x 1″ high
finished slot size:
1″ wide x 1-1/2″ deep x 1″ high
material: c 1040 steel forging
cutting time: 1 minute