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Davis Keyseater

Using the multiple tooth cutter principle, the DAVIS KEYSEATER machine is fast cutting, precise, and easy to set-up and operate.

Our cutters virtually eliminate the necessity of frequent re-sharpening, resulting in longer tool life. Often it is possible to drive the cutter at a constant speed, regardless of the material or the size of the keyway being cut.

Cutters made of high speed tool steel with proper rake, clearance and hardness cut efficiently. Using a work locating bushing ensures concentricity and allows for fast set-up of parts.

Manual and automatic feed models available.

Davis Keyseaters can cut keyways that range widely in depth, whereas hand broaches are limited.

Our keyseating machines are also able to accept simple fixtures for external shaping and slotting of work pieces that are conventionally milled. This feature, combined with the rugged machine design and cost cutting tooling principle, make the DAVIS KEYSEATER one of the most versatile machines in your shop.

Download the Davis Keyseater Brochure (PDF) 

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