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Fiber Laser for Rapid Precision Metalworking

Products and Services that Give YouAn EdgeOn the Competition

Products and Services That Give You An Edge On The Competition

Keyway Cutting with the Davis Keyseater. Robust construction and multiple tooth cutting action makes it the easiest to operate, fastest cutting, most precise keyseater on the market.

Additional products include the Hansford Die Cart and Hansford Die Handler

High Precision Contract Machining. Hansford makes parts for industries that have no tolerance for anything but the highest-performing components.

  • ⦾ Heavy equipment drive components
  • ⦾ Transportation industries
  • ⦾ Automotive specialty and after-market parts
  • … and many more

Resharpening Services. Send in your worn broaches and keyway cutting tools for fast and affordable resharpening services.

Hansford also offers many other Keyseater accessories. 

davis keyseater at hansford


High Precision Contract Machining Products
Hansford Parts and Products works with machine shop owners and head engineers to reduce machining cycle time and total cost through quality parts, machine tool products, and creative solutions to manufacturing challenges.

We offer a single capability to purchase raw material, precision machine, and assemble parts on a JIT basis in production release quantities. We make it easy for you to meet compliance because our Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified and our modern facility is climate controlled to assure consistent quality.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Rapid Prototyping

Sheet Metal Parts
Rapidly create sheet metal prototypes with our fabrication services. We specialize in quick turn-arounds for custom ferrous and non-ferrous metal parts and assemblies. Work with our team of manufacturing experts to design, prototype, and produce the precision metal parts you need.

Learn More about Sheet Metal Prototyping

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October 28, 2020

Metal Cutting is Faster than Ever with Fiber Laser Technology

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The Die Cart: Safety Superhero

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September 3, 2018

Hansford History: How the Keyseater came to Rochester

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