Hansford Die Carts

Effortlessly load and unload die sets from presses and storage shelves

These labor-saving units will load and unload dies under power while significantly reducing back strain associated with pushing and pulling dies on and off shelves. Being battery powered, raising the platform along with pushing and pulling die sets on and off the platform is virtually effortless.

manual die cart

powered die cart

Hansford Die Cart Demo

Short demo of a Manual Walk Behind Die Cart in use at Hansford Parts and Products.

Tell us about your challenges, you’ll like our solutions.

We offer two series to choose from: MWB, which is manually moved around; and PWB, which is powered to accommodate heavier die sets.

Built-in battery chargers are standard on both models for convenience of operation. All models are available with one or three platform styles to choose from.


  • Rugged Construction
  • 1000 to 2500 lb. Capacity
  • Lift Heights 58″ to 80″

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