About Us

Solving Manufacturing Challenges Since 2001

For over 30 years, Hansford Parts and Products™ has been solving manufacturing challenges for machine shop owners and head engineers as a privately held company. Founded in 2001 as High Precision Partners, LLC, but dba Hansford Parts and Products™, our company formed as a spin off of Hansford Manufacturing Corporation (3111 Winton Road South Rochester NY). The company was purchased by Bruce Ferguson in 2014. Since then, business revitalized through customer growth, machine acquisition, and quality focus.

We are very proud to offer the industrial market our long history of successful parts and products. Our product lines include the Davis Keyseater, Hansford Die Handler, and Hansford Die Cart. Our parts business sector includes contract CNC machining services, as well as vocational, commercial, and recreational vehicle components.

Tell us about your challenges, you’ll like our solutions.

Meet The HPP Team

Bruce Ferguson


Over his 50 year career in sales and marketing, Bruce has been employed by startups and multinational companies. He started Bruce Ferguson Sales (Independent Manufacturers Rep firm 1979-Present), Alleghany Oxygen (Medical Equipment/Homecare), Am-Mex Products, (Off Shore Manufacturing, Mexico). He bought Monroe Surgical (Medical Equipment/Homecare & Custom Rehab Products), and Hansford Parts and Products. He built both sales and equity, and sold companies to partners, local entrepreneurs, and multinational publicly traded companies. His success has been built on the selection of outstanding operations partners, sharing equity, and employment of a “failure is not an option” philosophy. After a brief retirement, Bruce elected to purchase Hansford Parts and Products, the business he helped to found in 1982. Hansford needed an update in areas of operations, finance, quality, technology, and philosophy. “The fun for me,” says Bruce, “is seeing an operation take shape and come to life. This is never easy; the bumps and heartaches of bringing change to people’s lives and the dramatic flexibility necessary to operate in our global digital environment are staggering but will, hopefully, help keep me learning, young, and alert, as my new partner and our team build a customer driven, quality service, and profitability motivated organization.”

Bob Krochmalech

VP & Chief Operating Officer

Bob Krochmalech works with engineers, buyers, and machine shop owners to reduce costs through better manufacturing techniques and to meet compliance through his expertise in the machining and manufacturing industry. He built fixtures and machines as a tool and die maker at DSI Detection Systems Inc and Rockburl Industries. He built high quality, tight tolerance parts and machines to customer spec. As a tool maker, he was promoted to and served 8 years as plant manager at ERM Thermal Technologies. He was Director of Manufacturing for Vette Corp. He was the co-founder and Vice President and eventually President/CEO of a medium size Thermal Management Company in NY. Bob now serves as Vice President/COO and part owner at Hansford Parts and Products.