Fast Sheet Metal Prototyping

Metal Cutting is Faster than Ever with Fiber Laser Technology

  October 28, 2020

Last fall, we added Fiber Laser Cutting technology to our equipment profile. The ENSIS Series Fiber Laser can cut steel, mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, and other…

Employee Spotlight: Joerg Helbig, Quality Manager

  July 29, 2020

Hansford has seen many positive developments over the last several months. We’ve added new equipment to our manufacturing facility, acquired new companies, and even moved to a new location. To…

Die Cart Hansford

The Die Cart: Safety Superhero

  October 29, 2018

Hansford Builds Products with Safety in Mind Some of the most common workplace injuries in the tool and die industry are related to the heavy weight of the dies we…

Hansford Keyseater

Hansford History: How the Keyseater came to Rochester

  September 3, 2018

When looking into the past, the history of a company often goes hand in hand with the history of its home city. At Hansford, we are proud of our historical…

high precision machining

7 Advantages of High Precision Machining For Today’s Engineer

  July 16, 2018

OEM engineer leaders face new challenges presented by an ever-expanding global market and innovative technology. How do you keep your current customers satisfied, your profit margins from shrinking, and entice…

keyway cutting

5 Keyway Cutting and Broaching Options: Keyseating, Broaching, Wire EDM, Shaping, and Milling

  February 1, 2018

When manufacturers want to attach a gear, pulley hub, or coupling to the shafts of driving equipment, they generally use a keyway locking method. With this method, a key blocks…


Hansford and RIT Partner to Remanufacture Obsolete Milling Machine Parts

  January 1, 2018

Hansford Parts and Products partnered with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to remanufacture obsolete milling machine parts. Purchased in 1966, Hansford has continued to use a Knapp rack milling…

broach sharpening

Broach Sharpening: Everything You Need to Know

  December 1, 2017

Here we examine everything you need to know about broach sharpening. But first, let’s make sure you are broaching correctly to stop any issues causing an abnormal need for sharpening….

davis keyseater machine

What Is a Keyseater Machine?

  September 27, 2017

With a keyseater machine, machinists and engineers can cut internal shapes and forms faster at less cost than other metal-cutting methods. Similar to the shaping process, keyseater machines move a…

contract machining

Benefits of Contract CNC Machining

  July 7, 2017

Contract manufacturing: A business model in which a company partners with a contract manufacturer to produce components or final products based on the hiring company’s designs. Contract manufacturing allows businesses to focus…