Get your Davis Keyseater cutters back in shape with resharpening services from Hansford Parts and Products.

  • ✔ Prompt resharpening and reconditioning of all brands of Davis Keyseater Style Cutters
  • ✔ Competitive pricing
  • ✔ Rapid return times

Don’t let your broach get dull. Our resharpening services will keep your broach in optimal shape so your workpieces are top-notch. Here’s everything you should know about broach sharpening.

Signs Your Broach Needs Sharpening

Examine your broach and workpiece for any of these warning signs:

  • The teeth feel dull to the touch
  • Nicks or gouges in the teeth from improper handling
  • Poor finish, tears, or galling in the workpiece
  • The workpiece picking up on the tops of the teeth
  • The broach is sticking to the workpiece
  • You need to apply more pressure than before to achieve the desired cut
  • The holes you’re gauging are not meeting specifications

If any of these issues are present, you’ll want to invest in resharpening services.

Dull Broaches Cause Serious Problems

The worst thing you can do with a worn-out broach is continue using it. When you use a dull broach, it may cause the teeth to drift or break. Dull broaches may cause incorrectly-sized parts and unfixable damage. As soon as you notice your broach start to become ineffective, you want Hansford Parts and Products to take care of it.

Benefits of Sharpening Your Broach

When your broach is properly sharpened, you’ll experience these advantages:

  • Meeting compliance for product specifications
  • Achieving desired cycle times
  • Increased accuracy
  • Longer broach life
  • Reduced production cost

Resharpening your broach will make your job easier and more lucrative. Don’t keep dealing with a frustrating and worn-down broach!

The Resharpening Experts

When your broach needs resharpening, you need to get it done correctly. If it’s done wrong, the original form of the teeth may be ruined. That’s why you should trust Hansford Parts and Products for all your broach resharpening needs. We’ve been sharpening broaches and resolving manufacturing challenges for over 30 years.