Inspection Capabilities

Hansford is dedicated to providing the highest quality dimensional inspection service. After machining your part or manufacturing your product, we inspect it with our ZEISS coordinate measuring machine (CMM). This CMM inspection ensures that all parts meet your requirements, which saves you time and cost.

CMM Inspection with ZEISS

ZEISS is known globally as the most efficient coordinate measurement machine and inspection lens manufacturer. When we manufacture your part or product, we measure its dimensional precision with the latest generation of ZEISS CONTURA to ensure provable accuracy. (For more information, view our complete list of inspection equipment.)

Verify Inspection Results with CALYPSO Software

zeissOur ZEISS CMM runs on CALYPSO software, which has outstanding scanning technology with a highly tuned concept. CALYPSO software allows us to coordinate our inspection data with customers who share this same software program. If we build a part for you, we can inspect it, send it to you, and have you run sample inspections to verify that our work meets your specifications. You can also write the inspection program and send it to us so that we can verify parts with the same program. This adds another level of security to make sure that inspection results are fully accurate.

Precise Measurements with Angular Flexibility & Constant Contact

quality controlWith our CMM, we can scan your parts in all angular positions to ensure a precise inspection. In fact, ZEISS’ flexible RDS articulating probe holder, combined with VAST XXT sensor head, can scan a total of 20,736 positions at 2.5° increments. This flexibility offers a particular advantage when measuring complex parts that require the creation of specific stylus configurations.

Our scanning ability also features “constant contact” or “touch point” measurement. This means that the probe can move up and down on the workpiece to take dimension measurements. The probe isn’t limited to an “X–Y” motion. It can also move in a “Z” direction while staying in touch with the part. This thousand-point inspection allows us to inspect the contour of the part. This feature saves time while collecting more detailed data on the quality of your part.

Inspection Data Reports

We create clear, easy-to-read, pass/fail inspection data reports and process capability studies (available upon request). Whether you need contract inspection, or if we are doing contract machining for you, we collect inspection data from our ZEISS CMM and compile it into an organized spreadsheet format. Our inspection reports outline each data point that the machine inspects. The report indicates in GREEN if the part meets tolerance and RED if it doesn’t. Our process capability studies include Ppk (Process Potential Capability) for smaller 50 or 100 samples measured and Cpk (Continuous Process Capability) for long term analysis.

Interested in High Quality Inspection?

We believe our dimensional inspection process ensures quality control and accuracy of your manufactured parts. If you’d like to learn more about machining quality control, please contact us. During our conversation we can discuss time and cost savings and if we are the best fit to inspect parts for your organization.