Benefits of Contract CNC Machining

  July 7, 2017

contract machining

Managing your business expenses is an important aspect of maintaining operations. However, you don’t want to miss out on potential profits because you are unable to offer a specific service. In a situation like this, business owners typically decide to outsource work. A great example is if you need CNC machining work completed but don’t own CNC machines.

Passing up a contract because your machine shop lacks tolerance or capability is disheartening. In order to keep those contracts and build their businesses, some machine shop owners opt to outsource specific machining needs. Here is a look at some of the benefits you will reap when you outsource CNC machining.


When you outsource, you are not just getting help, you are tapping into the expertise of an experienced CNC machining provider. This can be a great value if you have little or no experience with this type of machining. Trying to gain the expertise needed can take years, which you simply do not have time for when you have a customer wanting their contract completed right now. Outsourcing enables you to ensure the work that is done is high quality and exactly what your customer wants.


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of contract machining is that you won’t need to buy more equipment or find a space in which to put it. You are getting everything for one price, which includes the equipment needed to do the job. The price of buying precision machines and maintaining them may not be cost-effective for your shop. It isn’t worth it unless you are going to begin focusing on this type of work.

Customer Service and Support

When you outsource, you are also getting a great support system to help you if things should become problematic in the future. Think about how you manage any issues with the parts you manufacture in-house. Customers likely call you with a problem and expect you to have a solution. If you try to start making CNC parts in-house, then you better be ready to handle similar customer issues. When you outsource, though, you can rely on your CNC machining provider to help with these problems.

Ready to Save Costs on Your CNC Machining Needs?

Outsourcing your CNC machining needs creates a solid business case. When you only have an occasional need for CNC machined parts, you don’t want to spend the time and money needed to invest in building your own CNC production house. If now or at any time you have questions, please contact us at Hansford Parts and Products. We would gladly discuss feasibility, potential return for your company, and if our contract machining services are the right fit for your machine shop.