Model 1021 Hansford Die Handler

The Model 1021 Die Handler is built with the high precision, quality workmanship for which our products are noted. Offered either portable or stationary, this model has a platen area of 30″x64″ and a die try-out force of up to 20 tons.

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The Model 1021 Die Handler has a capacity of 3000 lbs.

The top platen is supported on ground steel trunnions and is rotatable through 360°. It is moved vertically by four precision lead screws driven by alloy bronze nuts supported in precision ball bearings. Levers at each corner lock it rigidly and accurately in the 0° and 180° positions. The open construction of this platen gives maximum access to the top of the die set.

A special gear change dial provides the ultimate in safety and ease of operation. Three positions are provided: “MANUAL,” where movement of the top platen is accomplished by hand crank, “TRY-OUT” which provides tremendous gear reduction to allow a 20 ton force to be exerted between platens by hand crank, and “POWER” where an instantaneously reversible, 2 horsepower motor, controlled through a switch knob in the dial, raises a 3000 pound load at the rate of 13 inches per minute. A safety switch rod automatically stops the motor at the upper and lower limits of the top platen travel.

With the dial in the “POWER” position, the hand crank shaft is disengaged from the motor drive. With the dial in either the “MANUAL” or “TRY-OUT” position, the “POWER” switch is not operable.


Shut Height 8″
(Minimum Distance Between Platens)
Open Height 28″
(Maximum Distance Between Platens)
Platen Areas Lower: 30″ x 64″ long
Upper: Adjustable Mtg. Plates
Mounting of Dies Lower: 8—T Slots 30″ Long, for 3/4 ” bolts
Upper: 6—Slots 8-1/2″ long, for 3/4 ” bolts (Adjustable)
Movement of Upper Platen Vertical Travel: 20″
Vertical Movement (By Hand Crank) Manual Position: 48 Turns/inch
Try-out Position: 384 Turns/inch
Vertical Movement (Power) 13″/min.
Rotation of Top Platen 240 Turns/360°
Motor 2 H.P. 220/440 Volts, Three Phase, 60 Cycle, 1750 RPM, Instantaneously Reversing.
Control Furnished with magnetic reversing starter with 110V at the controls
Capacity 3000 Pounds
(Maximum Die Weight Recommended)
Locking Position of Upper Platen 0° & 180°
Maximum Die Try-out Force 20 Tons
Net Weight 5000 lbs.
Shipping Weight 5200 lbs.

J.I.C. standards furnished at extra cost.
Special voltages, and frequencies also available at additional cost.
For increased open height and platen travel, see list of accessories in price list DHS-2A.