Model 15 Davis Keyseater

The ability of the Model 15 Davis Keyseater to accommodate fixtures for the external slotting of parts, and to cut internal keyways from 1/16″ to 1-1/2″ in size will make it one of the most versatile machines in your shop.

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The Model 15 Davis Keyseater is available in two basic versions: as the DA-15A which is operated manually only, and as the DA-15B which provides the selection of manual or automatic feed and includes variable speed drive and automatic stop. Both keyseater machines include a coolant system to flush chips, a micrometer depth stop for fast and accurate depth settings, and a one-shot lubrication system.

The Model 15 Davis Keyseater uses AF or AFS cutters exclusively. Cutter change is fast because of self-centering cutter jaws, and double resistance arms (one above and one below the workpiece) which make the cutters self-squaring. This rugged, gear-driven model can cut tapered keyways by addition of the DA-58 Tilting Table, and multiple keyways by the addition of the DA-22 Index Table.

For optimum cutting efficiency in large and/or long keyways, as well as in a range of materials that vary widely in hardness, the DA-27 Variable Speed Drive accessory is recommended for the DA-15A manual version; it is standard on the DA-15B version. Other accessories are available to expand the workpiece size capacity of the Model 15 Davis Keyseater.


Keyway Cutting Capacity 1/16″ to 1–1/2″ (in steel)
Throat Depth From face of 1” cutter to armpost: 19″
With DA-60 extra throat depth assembly: 22″
Maximum Height of Work Standard: 12″
With D-1701 arm post option: 18″
Maximum Length of Cut 16″ long cutter: 4″
20″ long cutter: 8″
24″ long cutter: 12″
30″ long cutter: 18″
Table Size 20″ x 31”
Table Travel 1–1/2″
Strokes per Minute Stroke: 4–1/2”
Standard: 45
With DA-27 variable speed drive: 11–56
Motor HP 2 hp
Gross Weight Domestic crating: 1350 lbs.
Export crating: 1750 lbs.
Net Weight 1250 lbs.
Shipping Crate Dimensions 40″ x 44″ x 48″