Sheet Metal Fabrication & Rapid Prototyping

Faster Sheet Metal Fabrication with Fiber Laser Cutting

An innovative advancement in fiber laser cutting technology, the ENSIS Series Fiber Laser can cut thin metal materials up to four times faster than a CO2 laser.

A recent addition to our equipment profile, it processes both thin and thick materials with ease, no cutting lens change or manual setup required. Our fiber laser custom sheet metal fabrication services offer a quick and cost effective solution for your projects.

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Fast Sheet Metal Prototyping


Outsource sheet metal fabrication and save time.

First, request a quote through our online form or by calling us at (315) 986-1000. We will work with you to understand your sheet metal production needs to accomplish your goals, getting you from quote to finished product in less time.

As an experienced CNC machining provider, we employ a team of experts who can quickly prototype your part and get it into production.

Looking for custom sheet metal parts in less time?

Sheet Metal Rapid Prototyping

Get your sheet metal prototype fast with our sheet metal fabrication services. We specialize in quick turn-arounds for custom sheet metal parts and assemblies. You’ll work with our team of manufacturing experts to design, prototype, and produce the precision metal parts you need.

Don’t pass up a contract because your machine shop lacks the bandwidth or capability. When you partner with an experienced sheet metal fabricator, you can quickly scale up into new product offerings.

Plus our multi-dimensional inspection process ensures quality control and accuracy of your manufactured parts.

Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Parts


Hansford Parts and Products utilizes fiber laser technology to rapidly decrease our production time, since it allows us to blank out shapes much faster than a water jet or other cutting method used for sheet metal.

For example, we were able to cut a customer’s order in less time than an eight hour shift. The same order would have needed two weeks to run on our turret machine.

The fiber laser allows us to meet tight customer turnaround times, while completing orders with less waste, fewer secondary operations, and less labor time. This allows us to move on to the next job, and meet or exceed the lead time for the next customer.


Sheet Metal Cutting at High Speeds with Proven Performance and Reliability

Fiber laser cutting is ideal for applications that require high-speed cutting and the thick material cutting capabilities of a CO2 laser cutting system. It is best suited for ferrous steels and nonferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and titanium.

The machine achieves high-speed cutting for thin metal material, plus the ability to efficiently cut thick metal plate. Its laser mode and Beam Parameter Product (BPP) are optimized based on the thickness of the materials being processed.

Additionally, with a resonator that delivers both speed and power, this laser runs on low wattage (3000 W) and can cut through ferrous steel up to 25 mm/1 inch thick (depending on material quality). Plus, no setup time is required to achieve these results.

Proven performance and reliability ensure that your finished metal parts are perfect every time.

Fiber Laser Metal Cutting


Achieve a wide range of cutting goals for sheet metal. We can process steel, aluminum, and more.

Partner with our team to produce a variety of metal components, including:

  • Control boxes
  • Foot rests
  • Blower housings
  • Scroll cage fans
  • Wire loom brackets
  • Metal brackets
  • Control panel electrical boxes
  • Undercarriage protectors
  • Shopping cart wheel brackets
  • And more

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